Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Deer processing

If you live in Genesee County Shiawassee County or Livingston County check out my buddy Matt Gettler's deer processing
$70 and your deer is aged in a walk in cooler. 
Tell Matt MDTH referred you. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Southern michigan. 2014 Michigan youth hunt.

Isabella first deer!!

Isabella was sitting in a pop up blind with her father Jose using a 10 point crossbow. It was the last evening of the 2014  Michigan youth hunt. Sitting comfortably in the pop up blind that was protecting them from the rain and wind!! Isabella had many deer feeding in their clover food plot planted by Michigan food plot services. Isabella elected to harvest this mature doe. The skies opened up and 
It started to rain!!!  She had the cross hairs on this monarch Doe vitals just waiting for her fathers approval. Jose gave her the green light. Her shot hit the doe perfectly as the bolt tipped with a rocket Broadhead quickly blew through her like a hot knife through butter. They waited for about 11/2 hours to start looking for blood. It was raining non stop however Jose was able to follow the blood trail for 75 yards until the doe got in to a thicket. There was a brush hogged trail that split off in to a Y and Jose couldn't find any more blood to confirm her direction. So Jose went forward looking for the deer or more blood. After some time of searching he backed out and brought in the 4 legged tracking Insurance. The doe ran maybe 20-30 yards further in to the thicket and due to nightfall and extremely thick brush you would have had to step on the Doe to find her at night.  Sypris made quick work and found Isabellas first deer in a couple minutes. By tracking that night with the hound insured for a quick recovery. Jose would have found the Doe the next morning however the meat would have spoiled. Also by using the dog he is teaching his daughter that you use every means available to recover any deer you shoot. 

MDTH Tracker Rob Miller 810-240-4891

Monday, September 22, 2014

Byron michigan youth hunt.

Sunday evening the last day of the 2014 Michigan youth hunt. The weather was not very favorable for hunting with high winds down pouring rain. Emily Gettler and her father Matt were sitting in a elevated shadow Hunter box blind. This Monarch Dow came in to their food plot at approximately 6 PM and Emily made a great quartering to 35 yard shot. The doe spun and quickly disappeared into the brush. With a steady rain pouring down Matt her father waited 30 minutes to get down to go look for blood. There was blood and a piece of meat at the point of impact. Matt found blood for about 10' feet beyond the shot site and couldn't find anymore. With the rain pouring down and not wanting to let the doe lay overnight because the meat would spoil they utilize the help of a track'n hound. Sypris found the doe 100+ yards in a matter of a couple min. Congratulations to Emily for harvesting this doe on her dad's birthday
The 20 gauge hornady SST slug did not completely pass through resulting in a sparse blood trail. 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Shields,mi youth hunter scores first deer

Congratulations Caitlin on your first deer. The hunter shot the buck in the morning they found pretty good sign for the first 80 to 100 yards, they jumped the buck at. About the 100 yd mark and backed out. They came back a little later and could not find any more sign, they did a small search and came up empty. I received the call from the young ladies father and we headed out to track. It took Cash about 30-45 minutes to work through where they had searched. About 400 yards past where they had jumped the deer we found this beautiful michigan whitetail laying in the hardwoods. WE LOVE THE SMILES AND JOY..

Howell Mi. 2014 youth hunt.

Hunter is 8 years old and has let every single doe walk by him. Just waiting for a buck. Well his patience paid off on 9/20/14 when he made a great shot on this giant spike buck. The 20 gauge slug did its job however it did not pass through. As soon as Hunter shot the sky's open up and it started raining washing away the blood trail. Hunters dad found stomach matter on the ground and backed out. Sypris found the buck .34 of a mile away. We found two drops of blood and 3 spots of stomach matter. That's it. Their was no way you could eye track this buck. 
Congrats Hunter on your very first buck. 
Joe and Ken helped with tracking because Hunters dad had knee surgery. 


Brooklyn Mi. Youth hunt successful hunters.

Alex Sherman 8 years old!! made a great shot on his very first buck. Alex was using a 20 gauge. The buck ran about 70 yards leaving virtual no blood to eye track. The slug did not pass through the buck. The slug was lodged in the opposite shoulder. Alex dad Eric was not going to risk losing his son first buck. After eye tracking for 30-40 only and finding just a few drops of blood he backed out and brought in the hound. The buck was only 25-30 yards farther then where he stopped and backed out. In the end a dog wasn't needed. Better safe then sorry. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Check out all of these 2013 smiles


2014 Michigan Deer Hunting seasons

2014 Michigan Deer Hunting Seasons:
Early Antler-less Firearm: Sept. 20-21

Liberty Hunt: Sept. 20-21
Youth Hunt: Sept. 20-21

Independence Hunt: Oct. 16-19
"This firearm deer hunt will take place on private lands or public land requiring an access permitand open to the Independence Hunt by lottery from October 16-19, 2014. Veterans with 100-percent disability or rated as individually unemployable by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs may participate in this hunt. In addition, hunters who possess a permit to hunt from a standing vehicle or to hunt using a laser-sighting devise, and hunters who are legally blind may also participate.

During this hunt, a firearm or combination license may be used for an antlered or antlerless deer. Antler Point Restrictions apply when taking an antlered deer. The bag limit for this season is one deer. All hunters participating in this season must wear hunter orange."

Archery: Oct. 1 - Nov. 14 and Dec. 1 - Jan. 1

Regular Firearm: Nov. 15-30

Zone 1: Dec. 5-14
Zone 2: Dec. 5-14
Zone 3: Dec. 5-21

Late Antler-less Firearm: Dec. 22 - Jan. 1

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Dogs are amazing.

Dogs are so important in our every day lives. 

-family pets (unconditional love)

-search & rescue




-my favorite "therapy dogs"

I think being a k9 officer would be an extremely rewarding occupation. 

Just like being a deer tracker. We get to investigate the "crime scene" and try to solve the puzzle using our knowledge and past experiences and navigate through unknown Territory. Being a tracker is not easy. .it can be extremely stressful.  Owning a specialty  dog requires year round training,exercise and proper diet. 

They are more then a family pet. 

You need a supportive family first and for most. You need to have a flexible job so you can help as many hunters as you can. You need a good running vehicle because many times you are spending most of the season driving. Last year I drove over 7,000 miles. You need to be able to function on a couple hours of sleep. Be a honest person because in this line of work your name is everything. It's extremely rewarding recovering a lost deer that the hunter would have never found. It's also extremely depressing when you fail to find the deer especially one you feel is dead or will die. In 99% cases when a deer isn't found it's because the deer will live or the handler did not read/trust his/her dog. I know of 3 tracks last year the deer were found after Sypris and I left. The fact is I felt we should have found the deer by now and or the evidence did not indicate a fatal shot. Sypris was correct on all 3 and I stopped her short from finding them. However at some point you have to call the track off!! These are life lesson and what makes trackers and their dogs a better team. Please understand in most cases we are coming in to a situation where the area is contaminated or the deer has been pressured and pushed. In some situations we can not work through it. We are your last option!!! Money is involved and emotions are heighten and for most of us we live paycheck to paycheck including myself. So please be understanding and give us space and time while searching for your deer. We give it our all blood,sweat and tears to recovery every deer we put our hounds on. We are all trusting a k9,dog,hound our 4 legged best friend to be a machine, magician, to pull off a miracle and when they do it's an electrifying moment and when they don't we all need to be extremely appreciative and praise the hell out of them for their valiant effort. The dog tracks because they love it!! They want to please their handler and also their client!!!   Good luck this fall and if we can not personally help you we will do our best to find and alternative tracker!!!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Michigan Deer Blood Tracking dogs

"Michigan Deer Trackn Hounds" Trackers pride themselves in continual progression to be the best of the best! Both in our dogs and our handlers. Many of our trackers are State certified. This means that both Dog and Handler have been independently evaluated by a wounded game tracking judge, and both dog and handler have demonstrated sound abilities in the field test. You can be assured that finding your quarry is of the utmost importance to us and we are well prepared to assist you in recovering your wounded game. Each year our tracking teams assist hunters in recovering their game, reducing the number of unrecovered animals in our great State.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sypris turns 5 years old. 7-21-09

Sypris is truly a one of kind pet. I'm truly blessed to have her and the unconditional love is endless. Her work ethic is beyond anyone's mindset. 
She is truly one of the best tracking dogs in the country. Turning 5 years old yesterday she is coming in to her prime so this fall should be a ton of fun. 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Canton Michigan

The one that got away!! Well sorta. 

This buck Sypris tracked back in 2013. Shot with a Xbow at last light from a high elevated tree stand at a mere 10'. Shot placement was unknown a we couldn't find the bolt. Good blood for the first 75 yards. 

Shot sight was never confirmed until 2 days later. Started Sypris at first blood and she took us 1.24 miles. After 75 yards in to the track the blood trail abruptly stopped. We were only finding a single drop of blood every 100 yards. With out a dog there would be zero chance of tracking this buck. We ended up tracking him in front of my clients trail cam as you can see in the two of the four pictures. Look closely you can see the entrance hole and intestines hanging out between the bucks legs. At the time of tracking we didn't not think we were tracking a gut shot buck. We tracked him in to a thick pine patch that was about .68 mile away. We pumped him out of the pines and he crossed an extremely busy road and ended up swimming through a pond that was about 30 yards across. At this point we are not finding any blood at all. We tracked him in to a young sapling thicket where we found one spot of blood transfer to confirm Sypris work. Total distance tracked now was 1.23 miles. At this point Sypris was loosing focus on the track and due to lack of blood and distance tracked we called the track off. Next day is rained all day and the buck went in to a public city park. By day three we all realized the buck was gut shot. Arrangements were made to give Sypris a try (knowing 99.9% chance should would not be able to scent track however maybe air scent the body) and a search party was formed. After many hours of searching and not finding anything the search was called off. After the winter my client got word of a 14 year old boy finding a giant buck dead just north of the city park. The young man had cut the Antlers off. The buck traveled at least another 1 mile from where we stopped tracking. 

Sad day for any hunter!!! 

We all learned many lessons from this misfortune and for that we will be better hunters and trackers.   

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Welcome Bo Juergensen to the team.

Bo and his Jagdterrier "Jazzy" have been helping hunters for over 6+ years. Bo lives in Berrien County and will travel to the surrounding counties to help hunters. He may travel farther if he has the time. 
Contact Bo @ (269)-876-1037

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Not the ending you want however it's closure

Started hunting at the age of 9. Now the young lady is 15  here is her testimonial. 

This is the big 8 point I put a bad shot on on opining night of the youth hunt of 2013, after I shot it my uncle josh and I realized the shot was to low In the stomach so we decided to let it lay over night an we were going to call a dog tracker in the morning. my uncle josh called rob the dog tracker in the morning , he told him the situation rob  said he would come out an track it for us .after we got there his dog got on the tracks ,the dog ended up on the blood trail ,witch there was very little blood to track on maybe 10 spots of blood total, we've been tracking it for over 2 hours then the dog ended up jumping the deer out of it's bed ,then we got an eye on the deer and realized the deer wasn't going to die that day . We decided to call the dogs off the track , then in 2014 after the snow melted my uncle josh I went looking for the buck in the area we felt it had died in ,while we were looking my uncle found him ! This is the picture of the 8 , we wan't to thank rob for bringing his dog out an tracking the buck for us. I think that this dog is the number one deer tracking dog in Michigan by far ! 
Note: MDTH tracker Rob Miller
They did everything correctly from the hunters standpoint. 
We as trackers did all we could do also. This is one of the cases when paunch shot deer take several days/weeks to expire. We found the buck however he was still extremely strong.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Successful recovery since 2007

Howell Michigan

Walker West age 16
    On a crisp fall morning, perched in our double stand, my brother (Nash 14) and I (Walker 16)  with my dad down below, watched the world come alive. We were waiting patiently to see a hunters dream or at the least a glimmer of food for the winter emerge in the morning light. Of course unaware of what this day would have in store for us our adventure began. In the blink of an eye there were bucks everywhere it didn't seem real, most of which would be dandies in a season or two for certain. It seemed the lucky stand we call "The Nash" after my brother was looking lucky again. Suddenly out of the brush to our right we saw a huge buck. He was one that when you looked at his body and he turned his head you could just see his white horns rotating. This was the day that was decided Nash would have first shot. I whispered to my brother  to be steady and site in on the buck and shoot, I will back you up...our dad was leaning up against the tree underneath us and we could hear him say "shoot, shoot!" Nash pulled the trigger of his muzzleloader and a puff of white smoke appeared in front of me. We weren't sure if it was a misfire so I raised my muzzleloader with the thought of this buck not getting away and pulled the trigger for a follow-up shot. Just like that the buck spun around and took off and he was gone. It looked like my brother and I both hit the buck hard !!! We waited about an hour before we got down out of our stand. It was time. We then got ourselves lightweight by taking off our jackets ,overalls and packs . We went to where each shot was made and nothing was found. We went about 10 yards this side of the river and saw a few drops of blood, now we just had to figure out how we were going to get across the river. We finally found an old aluminum pole 8 inches in diameter and about 25 feet long stuffed in the brush along the side of the river. After a half hour worth of work we finally got the pole across the river and shimmied ourselves across. We went to where the buck had landed and it was as if someone was pouring blood out of a gallon jug for 75 yards. We knew we had our buck but then to our surprise the blood stopped instantly! We had never seen anything like that before. We searched around for about an hour more in the thick grasses and muck and lost the track of the buck. We backed out and went back to our truck. My dad called his friend Robert Miller, who is a licensed deer tracker, with a hound called Cyprus for some help. It was amazing to watch this little hound who was no bigger than a corn nubbin get to work! We began our coon hunt, entering into private property where the neighbor fortunately is a hunter and a gentleman, and allowed us to tromp around their property for hours trying to find the buck. It seemed as if we were pushing this monster and couldn't understand how he could still be alive? It was getting late we needed to back out and my dad wanted to get us home to bed .It's an awful feeling trying to go to bed when you know that you've shot this majestic beast and still haven't found it !!! My dad reassured us he would go back out to meet with the tracker and they would find the buck. It seemed like I just closed my eyes and my mom was waking me up telling me to go downstairs and help dad. I ran out into the garage looking at the driveway there my dad stood with the big buck, I couldn't believe my eyes !!! "You found it," I said, "I can't believe you found it!  Where was he?" He said they found him just 10 yards past where we had left off. This was one determined deer. I looked to see where the buck had been shot, one of our shots was a little back a little low and quartering away. The other shot was 4 inches in front of that a little low a little forward and quartering away also. It probably wasn't our best shot but it got the job done thank heavens! My dad hung pictures of us and the buck in his business, I'm not sure who's more proud my dad or us??? An epic story to add to the West household for sure!
      Walker T West

Dad: Jeff West

Tracker Rob Miller & Sypris

Monday, December 16, 2013

Bella and Tracker Jeff Murphy. St. John's Michigan

Bela and I were called for this track on 11-3-13 near St. Johns MI. The hunter knew that this was a gut shot so he called from the woods to make arraignments for us to help.  We arrived to help about 5 hours after the shot. As we started to track we noticed some light blood for the first 100 yards, after that we did not see any blood until the 300 yard mark where we came across a wound bed with a little blood in it. From the wound bed, Bela tracked another 75 yards to the deer that had expired.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Chris Davis. Oakland Township.

Number #31 recovery for Sypris for the 2013 season. 

The hunter hit high and back angling down in to the liver/gut and maybe 1 lung. A great blood trail for 75-100 yards. Once the arrow feel out the blood STOPPED!! We went another 100 yards before finding a pin drop. Chris Davis actually walked the same exact route however with the snow on the ground and the amazing blood trail he figured the buck didn't go this way!! His searched continued heading west from the last blood (more probable route) still he couldn't find any blood. So at this point he decided to try a tracking dog. He is friends with Chris & Brandy LaFountain and Brandy suggested that he call Sypris & I. Sypris made quick work of the track. The buck went .26 of a mile and we found him in 18 minutes. We found where the buck bedded and probably bumped from Chris searching. Chris waited 1.5 hours before searching he thought his shot was on the money!!!! The buck must have lunged forward as soon as he released the arrow. Chris told me he wouldn't have found his best buck to date with out the help of Sypris. Now his buck is in the freezer and the trophy is taxidermist bound!!! Great buck Chris and thanks for using Michigan Deer Track'n Hounds.    

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Prefect shot - not so perfect ending!! Stay tuned!!

http://youtu.be/c1c4_Zxx0LoSome may recall a track I did back in late October and I shared the video of a young boy that made what looked to be a perfect shot on a big 9 point on Facebook. (I'll share the link to the video again) well today the big 9 was spotted by one of the Adults that was with me while tracking the buck. When I called the track off we were all in disbelief. Several men combed the area for two days searching for him. So keep your fingers crossed we get a dramatic finish to this story and it just might make it on TV. This picture of blood was where the buck stood in the video. It just proves why we don't recover 50% of the deer we track.
Check out this video on YouTube:

http://youtu.be/c1c4_Zxx0LoAppears to be a text book shot!!!

Proof 1 lung was for sure cut!!!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Rob Miller is on Mike Avery's Outdoor magizine Radio show

Listen to tracker Rob Miller on Mike Avery's outdoor radio show. 

Brad whiting 
Tracker Rob miller & Sypris

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Mike & Cash Ann Arbor Michigan

On Friday November 22 2013 I shot my biggest bow buck and as all us Michigan deer hunters know its the second week of gun season and our deer are a little on edge so to see this buck come in to 22 yards was surprising . Long story short after 2 hours of waiting and 5 hour track on frozen blood and a sleepless night only to start day 2 with snow "shit" so after a lot of thinking walking and cursing! I called michigan deer track'n hounds best call ever mike(tracker) cash (a blood hound) were on the trail within the hour after this dog is amazing 2 hrs. 2 miles he found my buck I can't say this enough this dog is amazing.

Jeff Murphy & Bella

Fenton Michigan. Jack Whaley

First buck at the age of 13

I am so proud of my Son! Thank you to Rob and Sypris for finding this Buck for Jack and I. It was quite a tracking experience! I cannot believe he found it. What a memory.....My sons first buck which is a 9 point that we are going to get mounted! 

Ryan Whaley