Sunday, October 19, 2014

Michigan deer blood tracking dogs Clio Michigan

Lawton mi.

2 day old track. 
2" of rain. 
Tracker Bo 5 month old Kopov Bella figured out that the buck doubled back and went in a totally different direction. Bella got to a point in a thicket where she kept searching this one area however just couldn't figure it out. Typically when a deer lays  in one spot for two days the area has a large ball of sent so it's hard for young dog to figure that out. 
This is a text from the hunter sent to Bo.  

Hi Bo...we found it thanks to you!!!! was about 10yrd into the brush were you awesome dog stopped!!!!!!!!...thanks again Tim, Joe , Jared and Carter!!!!!!!.....
Lawton Mi. 
Tracker Bo contact. 

Shiawassee County state land

.55 recovery. 
Sypris 88th recovery. 
State land big buck

Michigan deer blood tracking dogs Croswell Mi.

Liver 1 lung. 
The buck was shot at 7:30 a.m. And recovered around 2p.m.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Howell Michigan

Scott LeFevre made a quartering to shot on this dandy 9 point buck.
With a bolt covered in crap and no blood trail Scott elected to use a deer tracking dog. He saved Rob Miller number off of the Michigan Sportsman Forum. A call was made and details figured out and Rob was their 3 hours after the shot. Sypris found the buck in 10 min. The blood trail was sparse and the tall weeds made it difficult to see blood. The buck ran 200 yards and died in Scott's pond. Scott elected not to track his buck because the sign on his bolt didn't look good. Scott would not have found him the night he shot the buck do to a sparse blood trail because the bolt exited the guts. 
However during daylight he would have eventually found him. It was vital we tracked him the night of because it was so warm out. 

Friday, October 10, 2014

Livingston County Michigan

Click on the link for the testimonial
Click on this link to watch the hunt. 

Durand Mi. No blood

Scott Dean testimonial First off I would like to say Rob and Sypris make an amazing tracking duo and I will be highly recommending them to anyone needing assistance recovering a wounded deer. Last night I shot a buck right at dusk. I was 20' off the ground in a tree stand and the buck was 25 yards slightly quartering away. The arrow hit 6" behind the shoulder center height of the body. He jumped and ran twenty yards and stopped. As I sat there waiting for him to fall over dead he slowly walked off out of sight like nothing happened....I waited the last half hour until dark and snuck down to take a look at my arrow. The fletchings and shaft were covered in thin red granular blood. I figured the way the deer reacted after the shot I better give him some time to bed down and bleed out. After an hour and half my father, youngest brother and myself went back to search for a blood trail. After 25 yards the blood stopped...we fanned out 10 yards in front of last blood and searched for blood with no luck. It was then I decided to back out and give Rob at MDTH a call. He was quick to respond and very thorough over the details of shot placement and the deer's reaction. After I told him where I thought my arrow landed he pulled it up on a shot simulator on his phone and we narrowed it down to being a liver maybe single lung hit and we should put Sypris on the trail while the scent was still hot. He arrived at 10pm and we walked to the shot sight. As soon as Rob laid eyes on the arrow
he said the grisly matter on the shaft and veins was definitely liver and we should be able to recover the deer. It took Syrpis a few minutes of circling around in the thicket to become acquainted with the bucks scent but once she locked on it was only a short 100 yards before she found the buck....he had made it 120 yards without a single drop of blood after the first 25 yards. The shot was spot on where I had thought and hit the liver and back side or both lungs. Needless to say the new 3 blade Muzzy Trocar broadheads had not down their job in producing a good blood trail and without the aid of Sypris I may have not recovered the buck. This goes to show that even if you lose blood a tracking dog can still recover a mortally wounded deer. So don't give up and when in doubt back out and give the guys at MDTH a call and hopefully they can help you the same way the helped me.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Manchester Mi.

George was covered with deer this morning. This dark body 2.5 year old offered a quartering away shot at 25 yards. 

The shot was right on!! Hitting the bucks 4th to last rib bone angling forward exiting out just behind the offside shoulder. Blood spray at the shot site and a completely blood soaked arrow!! George was happy with his shot and two hours later he starting eye tracking. Making 200 yards with decent blood then all of the sudden the blood trail vanished. He circled the area looking for blood or his 175#'s of fast food. Nothing!!! Right then he made the phone call to Rob Miller for some insight and maybe help. Arrangements were made and 1.5 hrs later Sypris was put on blood at the shot site. We found steady blood for 200 yards then the buck made a large circle before heading down hill in to a thick bottom. Just as we started down the hill the blood trail picked up. Another 240 yards and heading up hill we found George's buck. 
Sypris made quick work and her accuracy was spot on!!! 
Single lung,liver,nicked the stomach. 

Bruce township

Hard quartering to shot.
Lung,liver,paunch shot. The buck went .17 of a mile leaving scent for Sypris to track however the intestines plugged the exit hole leaving no blood to eye track. 
Entry hole
Exit hole 
The bolt at the shot site. Notice pieces of intestines on the ground. 
Congrats Marty

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Brighton Mi. Nick Bombe

Nick shots this 8 point on opening morning with a xbow. Perfect shot. Double lung and blood everywhere. After tracking the buck 100 yards in chest high weeds they lose the trail. Knowing he made a perfect shot and seeing blood everywhere they start grid searching the small field chest high weeds in it. Still no deer. So they figured the buck made it to the woods. So they searched in theur for a few min. No luck. They decided to use a dog knowing the buck was dead. Sypris retraced their steps and in 6 min Syoris found Nicks buck. Due to the tall weeds they must have walked by him over a dozen times.  I can honestly say they may not have every found him and since they used a dog they have the perfect ending. 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Deer processing

If you live in Genesee County Shiawassee County or Livingston County check out my buddy Matt Gettler's deer processing
$70 and your deer is aged in a walk in cooler. 
Tell Matt MDTH referred you. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Southern michigan. 2014 Michigan youth hunt.

Isabella first deer!!

Isabella was sitting in a pop up blind with her father Jose using a 10 point crossbow. It was the last evening of the 2014  Michigan youth hunt. Sitting comfortably in the pop up blind that was protecting them from the rain and wind!! Isabella had many deer feeding in their clover food plot planted by Michigan food plot services. Isabella elected to harvest this mature doe. The skies opened up and 
It started to rain!!!  She had the cross hairs on this monarch Doe vitals just waiting for her fathers approval. Jose gave her the green light. Her shot hit the doe perfectly as the bolt tipped with a rocket Broadhead quickly blew through her like a hot knife through butter. They waited for about 11/2 hours to start looking for blood. It was raining non stop however Jose was able to follow the blood trail for 75 yards until the doe got in to a thicket. There was a brush hogged trail that split off in to a Y and Jose couldn't find any more blood to confirm her direction. So Jose went forward looking for the deer or more blood. After some time of searching he backed out and brought in the 4 legged tracking Insurance. The doe ran maybe 20-30 yards further in to the thicket and due to nightfall and extremely thick brush you would have had to step on the Doe to find her at night.  Sypris made quick work and found Isabellas first deer in a couple minutes. By tracking that night with the hound insured for a quick recovery. Jose would have found the Doe the next morning however the meat would have spoiled. Also by using the dog he is teaching his daughter that you use every means available to recover any deer you shoot. 

MDTH Tracker Rob Miller 810-240-4891

Monday, September 22, 2014

Byron michigan youth hunt.

Sunday evening the last day of the 2014 Michigan youth hunt. The weather was not very favorable for hunting with high winds down pouring rain. Emily Gettler and her father Matt were sitting in a elevated shadow Hunter box blind. This Monarch Dow came in to their food plot at approximately 6 PM and Emily made a great quartering to 35 yard shot. The doe spun and quickly disappeared into the brush. With a steady rain pouring down Matt her father waited 30 minutes to get down to go look for blood. There was blood and a piece of meat at the point of impact. Matt found blood for about 10' feet beyond the shot site and couldn't find anymore. With the rain pouring down and not wanting to let the doe lay overnight because the meat would spoil they utilize the help of a track'n hound. Sypris found the doe 100+ yards in a matter of a couple min. Congratulations to Emily for harvesting this doe on her dad's birthday
The 20 gauge hornady SST slug did not completely pass through resulting in a sparse blood trail. 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Shields,mi youth hunter scores first deer

Congratulations Caitlin on your first deer. The hunter shot the buck in the morning they found pretty good sign for the first 80 to 100 yards, they jumped the buck at. About the 100 yd mark and backed out. They came back a little later and could not find any more sign, they did a small search and came up empty. I received the call from the young ladies father and we headed out to track. It took Cash about 30-45 minutes to work through where they had searched. About 400 yards past where they had jumped the deer we found this beautiful michigan whitetail laying in the hardwoods. WE LOVE THE SMILES AND JOY..

Howell Mi. 2014 youth hunt.

Hunter is 8 years old and has let every single doe walk by him. Just waiting for a buck. Well his patience paid off on 9/20/14 when he made a great shot on this giant spike buck. The 20 gauge slug did its job however it did not pass through. As soon as Hunter shot the sky's open up and it started raining washing away the blood trail. Hunters dad found stomach matter on the ground and backed out. Sypris found the buck .34 of a mile away. We found two drops of blood and 3 spots of stomach matter. That's it. Their was no way you could eye track this buck. 
Congrats Hunter on your very first buck. 
Joe and Ken helped with tracking because Hunters dad had knee surgery. 


Brooklyn Mi. Youth hunt successful hunters.

Alex Sherman 8 years old!! made a great shot on his very first buck. Alex was using a 20 gauge. The buck ran about 70 yards leaving virtual no blood to eye track. The slug did not pass through the buck. The slug was lodged in the opposite shoulder. Alex dad Eric was not going to risk losing his son first buck. After eye tracking for 30-40 only and finding just a few drops of blood he backed out and brought in the hound. The buck was only 25-30 yards farther then where he stopped and backed out. In the end a dog wasn't needed. Better safe then sorry. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Check out all of these 2013 smiles

2014 Michigan Deer Hunting seasons

2014 Michigan Deer Hunting Seasons:
Early Antler-less Firearm: Sept. 20-21

Liberty Hunt: Sept. 20-21
Youth Hunt: Sept. 20-21

Independence Hunt: Oct. 16-19
"This firearm deer hunt will take place on private lands or public land requiring an access permitand open to the Independence Hunt by lottery from October 16-19, 2014. Veterans with 100-percent disability or rated as individually unemployable by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs may participate in this hunt. In addition, hunters who possess a permit to hunt from a standing vehicle or to hunt using a laser-sighting devise, and hunters who are legally blind may also participate.

During this hunt, a firearm or combination license may be used for an antlered or antlerless deer. Antler Point Restrictions apply when taking an antlered deer. The bag limit for this season is one deer. All hunters participating in this season must wear hunter orange."

Archery: Oct. 1 - Nov. 14 and Dec. 1 - Jan. 1

Regular Firearm: Nov. 15-30

Zone 1: Dec. 5-14
Zone 2: Dec. 5-14
Zone 3: Dec. 5-21

Late Antler-less Firearm: Dec. 22 - Jan. 1