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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Deer tracking dogs Byron Michigan

Byron Mi. This was a liver shot buck that did not leave a blood trail. Jason tried tracking the buck the same night however was not successful do to lack of blood. The next morning the hunter and his brother and the neighbor tried to find blood and was able to track the buck about 100 yards. After that they all started down the deer runs looking for blood. Last ditch effort the hunter went up ahead and did a small circle looking for his deer. The area was full of blown down trees and yellow swamp grass so doing a body search was going to be difficult. Scout started of very slow do to all the human contamination. we worked through all the human contamination and found two very small drops of blood to confirm Scout was on the deer. After about 150 yards farther i found another spot of blood to find out the neighbor shot adeer there the day before. Jason buck ran right through another blood trail. After two restarts Scout worked past all the blood and found the buck STILL ALIVE about fifty yards farther. The hunter went and got his bow to humanly put the buck down. Total distance track around 450 yards and the trail was 15 hours old.

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