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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cash money!!

Phenominal performance by Cash. It was not an easy track, The hunter had good blood for the first 100 yards, than it died out. They did a 3 man grid search, which was easily identifiable by my dogs actions, and the pattern on my gps. We restarted once, Cash slowed way down, worked his way past the last blood in a different direction than the grid search, about 20 yards from than he stopped indicated blood, i showed the hunter and kept going, about 40 yards from that found anothed spot on the beans, we than worked another 70 yards down to a creek finding no other blood, into the thick nasty stuff, climbing over and under logs, we worked in the creek about 30 yards, and he darted up the creek bank. We came up on the other side to another bean field. right as i came up the bank and hit the beans i saw a good 5 or 6 quarter size blood spots, I alerted the hunter he came barreling across the creek amazed. Now i knew it was on, we hit the next bean field calling of blood every 3 to five yards, another 150 or so yards of finding significant blood, and we came across a pool, i shouted to the hunter "huge pool of blood" he cant be far.. 20 yards from there, dead deer... All and all the entire track was .4 miles.

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