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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Deer tracking dog

This track was a interesting one. Shot was about 15 yards away and he made a double lung hit. He watched the buck go 50-60 yards away and lay down. He waited till dark to get down because he had thirty deer in his food plot. After dark his friend meet Jeff at his tree stand and they both turn on there flashlights and walked over to the spot were Jeff watched his buck bed down. They got over there and they deer was gone and neither of them could find any blood. The food plot was on the edge of a standing corn field to Jeff left and to his right was a irrigation ditch with 3-4 feet of water and a dirt tilled up bean field. The both grid search the entire corn field till about 3 in morning. I showed up 9:30 am and started scout at the shot site and I also never found any blood. Scout tracked the 50 yards to the bed and maybe a quarter size of blood in it. He then turned to the right and was heading to the irrigation ditch/dirt field and once scout made it to the ditch he found his buck floating in the water. Jeff said I never even thought to look over their because it was on 40 yards from his stand and in 100% plain view. When Jeff got down from his Tree stand all the deer took off in every direction and at that point the bedded buck must have spooked and ran to the ditch and Jeff simply could not see because it was after dark and obviously with all the deer running off he could not hear his buck get up.

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