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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Michigan deer trackn hounds .com

MDTH Tracker: Rob Miller: (810)240-4891 Mike Riepen:(248)200-9805 Jeff Murphy:(517)449-2638 Brian Wetsre:(616)430-7938 Jim Mayer:(906)440-3516 Chuck Collier:(989)255-3825

Seth shot this Michigan stud during his evening hunt behind a friends house out in Columbia ville. The shot was a little far back and high resulting in a single lung hit. The blood trail for the first 100 yards was very heavy and easy to follow. The buck must have clotted up because the blood trail came to a stop and that is when Seth decided he would need some help. After our phone conversation I decided we should take up the trail in the morning because you do not want to push a single lung shot. Scout started of great tacking us out of the woods/swamps and thru peoples back yards and across a paved road and thru a small woods and then across a drive way and then thru a small woods and then into a corn field. Once the buck crossed over the road the blood trail picked up and it was very easy to see and follow. The buck bedded down several times with in the last 100 yards. The buck traveled at least 600-800 yards land the line was about 14 hours old.

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