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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Deer tracking training

This training line was laid in a swamp marsh along the Shiawasee river. The line is 900 yards long and I used tracking shoes and 3oz of blood. I aged the line 35 hours and ran it at night time. Night time tracking brings on entire new distractions and obstacles. Such as the wildlife movment increases at night and for the handler it's much more difficult to see and read the dog. The first picture is the actual line I laid and the second picture is Sypris actual line work where she went. The third photo is her at the finishline chewing on the deer hooves. Sypris is a European Dachshund from Qua-linea breeding program in N.C.  Sian Kwa can be contacted at and you can veiw her website at

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  1. I can assure everyone that I had no clue where the line was. I laid the track during the day and after going back after dark I needed my GPS to locate the start. Well my gps did not save from my original track so I was forced to use my memory and I was sure of the start of the track however after that I had no clue of the exact line. The swamp grass at times was several feet above my head and visibility at night was almost impossible. I hardly ever seen Sypris working because I was fighting to push cattails and Bull Rush and fish hook pickers out of my face. In this case I was not a handler just a mere follower. I could see my orange rope pulling through the swamp and I just followed. At the beginning I was unsure of my path and I almost decided not to run the track because I had no clue where my path was and I did not want to ruin my mock trail. I'm so very glad I stuck with it and I put 100% "trust" in my tracking dog. On another note it's amazing how the swamp at night smells totally diffirent at night. A real heavy musk smell just hoovered the grass.