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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Michigan blood tracking dogs

Madison shot this beautiful 8 point with a crossbow and the bolt was tipped with a 3 blade "Rage". She made an amazing 40 yard shot. The bolt hit exactly where she was aiming. She ended up hitting 1 lung and sliced the very bottom of the Liver. Bill and his good friend blood trailed the buck until 11pm that night. At times the blood trail looked very promising. They eventually hit a void in the blood trail and soon realized they need some help. I tracked for Bill last year so he already new how the whole tracking dog operation works. He decided not grid search and call in the hounds. I showed up 16 hours after the shot. We started at the shot site and off we went following Sypris. Sypris followed the blood trail with ease. We covered the distance the Bill previously tracked with in a few Minutes. We quickly got to last blood and at this point Bill and Madison stayed out until they could hear me call out blood. Well I went some distance until I visual could find any blood. I found some blood to confirm Sypris work however we were to far away for Bill to hear me. I never stop my hounds once they are locked on so we continued to track on with out Bill and Madison. A few hundred yards farther we found her first buck. I started screaming we found it, we found it. Bill was more than 300 yards away and could not hear me so I ran all the way back to inform them of the great news. This buck would have never been found with out the help of a tracking dog. The buck traveled .63 of a mile.
Queen Tracker
1,108 yards long and 15-16 hours old
Madison and Sypris and "there 8 point buck"

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