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Friday, October 19, 2012

Deer tracking dogs of Howell

This was yet another easy track for Sypris. Easy tracks are good because after we go on so many difficult tracks as we did earlier today (1.2 miles) its good for the deer tracking dogs to find a deer to keep their excitement up for the next hard track. Rick calked earlier in the year when he shot a doe in the swamps and was unable to recover her and lost it to the coyotes. So tonight Rick shot this 6 point in the same swamp and it was also raining so he was double concerned about the rain washing away the blood trail and the high density of yotes. So he called and asked me to just go find his deer. It took literally 2-3 min. to go 50 yards and we found him. He made a perfect shot and we had the deer out of the swamp and field dress and in the back of his truck in less than 30 minuets.

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