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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Michigan deer tracking dogs

     So Friday I tracked for Craig Bonney the owner of (certified service appliance repair ... +1 (989) 277-6988 location is in Gaines michigan. Long story short we failed to recovery his deer. So Saturday night Craig called me at 8:30 pm when one of friends 12 year old son name Hunter shot this unique 5 point. Hunter was sitting with Matt Gettler. Matt its a local deer processor (810) 240-1828
       So Hunter made the 20-25 yard shot using a crossbow and a 3 blade fix head. Matt thought the bolt passed right behind the bucks left shoulder angling back out the last rib bone. ( Actually the bolt hit square in the neck and exited out near the last rib bone on the right side) Matt and Hunter watched the buck run off making a large arc in the grass field and entered in the east side of the 5 acre woods. Matt searched the field and did not find a single drop of blood so backed out. Craig called to check my availability and I suggested to them to allow me to put the dog down just in case the trail runs cold. Sypris worked the field never really hitting on any sign. Once she got close to the woods she locked on and we started finding blood. About 75 yards in the woods the buck ran into a small tree redirecting the buck line of direction to the left (South). Sypris over shot this turn so I brought her back and she connected and 30 yards later we found Hunter buck. This trail was about 2-2.5 hours old and to be honest it was to fresh and some times when tracking fresh blood trails the dog has a hard time  separating the wounded deer and fresh deer that pass through the same area. (Explains why she over shot the turn and kept going) Matt and Craig would have been able to recovery Hunter deer with out the assistance of a dog. In the end its all about helping the young hunters and I'm very thankful to be apart of Hunter successful deer hunt.
Hunter 12 years old
The search party
Matt and Hunter and Sypris enjoying her prize

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