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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Blood tracking dogs Fenton michigan

One evening, during bow season I took a large 8pt. Even though I practice constantly, sometimes the shot isn’t always perfect, and I made a liver shot. I found the arrow and it had some blood on it of a deep purple color so I knew it was a liver shot. I decided to leave him for the night and track him first thing in the morning. I tracked the deer and found lots of blood. I found where the deer had laid, but it wasn’t there. I couldn’t find any more blood after that. I remembered my wife reading an article in the Tri County Times about Rob and Sypris. I gave him a call and he wasn’t able to help me out until about 10 pm that night. We went out and I showed Rob where I shot the deer. Right away Sypris got on the scent and took us right to where the deer had laid down. I thought the deer had probably gone to the left on a prominent deer run. Sypris took off to the right and found two small specs of blood and then nothing else for about 40 yards when we found blood again. Shortly after that, Sypris found the deer still alive .6 miles and 26 hours later. Thanks Rob and Sypris for a great job. I would highly recommend you to anyone, in fact, I did today!!

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