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Monday, November 12, 2012

Dee tracking dogs Bad Axe Michigan

I shot this buck at 8 am yesterday. Tracked him for a couple hundred yards and jumped him. He ran in the neighbors woods. He was in his stand and seen him bed down, he watched him for about 45 min then he had to get down to goto work he ended up spooking him. Then the buck ran to the next wood lot. So I waited two more hours then went back to track him. It's 130 pm now and I start on the blood trail and jump him 30yds in. The buck runs deeper in the woods and couldn't here him any more. So I back out and call Eric from Michigan deer tracking hounds. He said he could come out the next morning. Eric shows up about 930 this morning and stated on the track and we found him at 1030 am he was dead. 26.5 hours later. The buck was still warm.

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