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Friday, November 16, 2012

Deer blood tracking dogs Byron Michigan

This is a classic track where a tracking dog is utilized. This buck traveled a very long ways taking us through a standing cornfield and then in to a hardwood forest and he left the cover of the woods to travel across a open grass area that was used for cattle or horses and then crosses a narrow but deep creek and then in to 8" high cattail marsh and then out in to a cultivated pure dirt field and then a picked bean field and across another shallow creek and down a four wheeler path back in to a large wood lot that was full of pickers. This entire time Sypris kept indicating very small blood drops to prove she knew who the buck was and she was not going to give up until she found him. Over 1 mile away and what felt like all night tracking Sypris stopped and starred in to the darkness. I shinned my 300 lumens Cyclops flashlight to see the buck standing up ahead. Just as I was able to confirm it was my clients buck he vanished and I gave the commanded find him, find the buck. Sypris pulled the 30" rope tight and off we went. Maybe 100 yards farther I could see the buck and my client was able to put the buck down with buck shot. This is the type of track that you feel all the emotions that hunting and tracking can bring on. I truly did not think we were ever going to catch up to this buck and I was sure glad we were able to put him out of the Misery.

Hunters Testimonial.

I wanted to say thank you for your help in recovering my buck that other wise would have been lost to the deer gods. What I thought was going to be a minimal job turned out to be an excursion that none of us thought was going to end with the deer. I contacted Rob for help after shooting a buck, a friend and I tracked and when the blood got thin we knew the deer was heading for the swamp. Rob shows up 8 hours after the shot and Sypris starts off at first blood this little dog takes a few minutes and then we are off on the deers trail. This dog took us through the swamp we feared crossing the creek twice finally to come up on the deer still moving. The deer was dispatched for good and was brought home without Rob and Sypris this would have never happened. This track was 1.56 miles in just 1hr and 22min.
Thank you Rob and Sypris,
Tony S.

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