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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Michigan deer tracking dogs

This is a find that I am especially proud of. My son shot this deer on the first morning of the youth hunt. The shot was at first light and when he shot, the deer was quartering away more than I was comfortable with. The deer ran off with no sign of being hit. We went to where the deer had been standing when he was shot and thankfully, immediately confirmed blood. Because I was still concerned with the angle of the shot, we waited two hours and then went back to search with Hunter. This was my son’s first buck and it was nice knowing that we had a tracking dog to help with the recovery. It’s times like this that I’m happy that I have taken the time to train a tracking dog. Hunter picked up the trail immediately and followed it a relatively short distance to the deer. We would have found this deer without the use of a tracking dog but the dog is insurance and worth all the hours of training when you’re not sure of the shot.
Tracker Jeff Murphy.

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