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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Late Season Bucks

Merry Christmas to this hunter. He shot the buck yesterday evening with his Xbow, only found a few drops of blood, searched a short distance and backed out. I arrived at 9 am and began tracking, Cash followed where they had searched and than became confused and began searching trails. I brought him back to last blood, and the deer had in fact went a different direction from where they had though. A few drops of blood gave us some hope. We found a wound bed roughly 250 to 300 yards into this track. Cash led me down to a river, and again became confused and began testing trails. After a brief search I realized we had lost the track, and returned to the wound bed. After a short break to calm him down,  Cash quickly found the exit route, another few drops of blood confirmed this, about 50 yards from the wound bed the blood became highly visible and consistent on the cattails. another 300 yards or so and we find the hunters buck. A very respectable 8 point with an interesting bulb on the G2. 700+ yard track 16.5 hours old. took about an hour to work out. Great late season find.
Congratulations to the hunter on his late season whitetail.

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