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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Michigan big buck tracking hounds

Mr DaSantis used MDTH earlier this year during bow season. Rage broad head failure prevented his bolt from passing through the buck and we tracked him over 1 mile.. Later the buck was harvested on opening day of gun season. Fast forward to this recovery. He made a 50 yard shot with a muzzle loader and as the smoke cleared the buck was out of site. after inspecting the shot sight he found blood and hair. Waited 1/2 or so and started tracking and the blood trail was not what he was hoping for. Thirty yards up the trail and only seeing a couple drops of blood he decided to get some tracking insurance. DaSantis Sr. called me and we discussed his options and around 8 P.M. I arrived and we took Sypris to the shot sight. I inspected the shot sight like a C.S.I. agent and determined by the hair it was a center body hit and by the blood spatter it was for sure a double lung hit.. I told Mr. DaSantis its dead and its only matter of time before he would be holding on to his bucks rack..  Sypris made quick work of the shot sight and off we went down the deer run and quickly passed the 30 yard mark and 50 yards I found some blood and 65 yards we were at his buck. (No dog was needed) however at night it was tough because "All the blood was inside" and Mr.DaSantis was worried about loosing the meat so he wanted tracking insurance. When in doubt back out and call in the professionals. It was a magical moment because this is his largest buck to date. Q.D.M.A. is applied to this property and let'em go so they can grow is there philosophy. It clearly is paying off. A late season Muzzle loader harvest and a 150" buck to go on his wall and meat in the freezer.

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