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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Michigan scent hounds(Team Whitetail Fix)


The morning of November 3rd we were in stand when a 6.5 year old buck who we named TJ HOOKER came in chasing a doe. It took me four attempts to stop the deer before my chance to shoot. However, at the moment of truth, he bolted as I released my arrow...the consequence was obvious, I clearly shot him in the intestines. Immediately I knew the deer needed 24 hours. Ernie, my filming partner, and I, had a plan. After waiting 3 hours we got down and backed out, but not before seeing the buck run passed us being chased from the neighbor's dogs. It was then we knew we needed the help of a true professional.
Without hesitation we placed a call to good friend, and master deer tracker, Rob Miller with Michigan Deer Tracking Hounds. 27 hours after the shot, and with little blood, there seemed to be little hope. However, when Rob, and his dog, Sypris, arrived and got on the scent trail, our confidence was renewed.
It was truly an amazing experience to witness the recovery of a buck after a 27 hour cold trial and a 1.5 mile track. This deer would have never been recovered without the help, and expertise, of Rob and his dogs.

I will never forget the excitement from Rob after recovering the deer. He was genuinely happy for us. This is a guy who loves the sport of hunting, yet sacrifices nearly his entire season to help others recover their otherwise would-be-lost trophies.
Satisfied Hunter,
Jose' Del Otero

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