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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Deer Tracking Dogs In Michigan

I apologize about the photo quality I forgot my good Camera

When everything is done right tracking dogs show amazing results.  The hunter shot this deer with a muzzle loader, And was unable to get a good view of where he hit because of the smoke.  After waiting a short time he went to inspect the shot sight and found nothing.  He felt he hit the deer he was just unsure of where.  So he decided that he owed it to the animal to give every effort to recover it.  It was not a trophy animal, it was simply an animal that he had taken a shot at and believed the right thing to do was to call in a tracking dog  to either find it or to give him some peace of mind that it would live.  I arrived quickly as it was a local track for me, we started in the approximate area that he had taken the shot, I pointed Cash in the direction that the deer had exited the clearing.  With no blood, no hair no sign at all that he had made a hit on this deer it was really a crap shoot.  As soon as we started though Cash was sure!!!  He followed exactly where the hunter had said the deer had ran,  still no blood.  We tracked about 100 yards with zero sign,  than I finally caught sight of a few drops of blood.  and IT WAS ON!!  The hunter and his friend quickly caught up to mark the blood as I continued.  another 20 yards or so and I saw a few more drops.  After that it was about 50 yards until I spotted more. The blood sign was sparse to say the least, but led to a successful recovery after 350 yards.   Relief and excitement came from the face of the hunter, and he was happy to have meat in the freezer.  Congratulations to the hunter on his 2012 harvest and I tip my hat to you for putting in every effort to recover your animal

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