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Monday, July 1, 2013

This weeks Tracker Feature is Eric Ellis and Hank.

    This week we are Featuring Tracker Eric Ellis and his Bassett hound Hank. 
Eric lives in Shiawasee Co. He is employed at Gordon Food services and is currently working 3rd shift. So he is available mostly in the A.M. During the week. Eric will travel as far as needed when he has the available time. This will be there 3rd season tracking and there second season with MDTH. They recovered several deer there first season and one recovery last year. Even tho they only found one deer they had several deer reported seen alive later in the season and several deer reported that they were harvested later in the season. They went on 12-20 tracks in 2012
They have been training extremely hard this off season and the team will be state certified this fall. 
Eric contact info 989- 326-1066
Also you can text Eric. 
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