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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Beaverton Mi. Doe

   On saturday September 21st 2013, I was hunting with my six year old son and seven year old nephew for early antlerless season. A single doe came in at 8:04 am I shot her with a .410 at 40 yards she was quartering towards me the shot was back further than I would of liked. After about 15 minutes my brother came to help us track her. There was very little blood with stomach matter mixed in. we were able to follow her for about 40 yards when we jumped her from her bed so we backed out and called tracker rob miller he advised me to wait at least 6 hours before taking up the track so that's what we did. After the wait we tried to sight track her with little success. We followed her for about another 50 yrds when we came to a creek we could not find any more blood we did a small grid search and nothing. I called on Rob and Sypris they showed up and we went to the spot where I shot her Rob put Sypris on the track and said"go find her" and that she did. threw a creek and very thick brush never even breaking stride Sypris and Rob found my deer in 12 minutes!!! They are a simply amazing team!!! Top notch guy with a top notch dog.this deer would never of been found without their help .THANK YOU MICHIGAN DEER TRACKING HOUNDS.and especially Tracker Robert miller and his hound Sypris

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