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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Clare Stilson 6 point

Clare age 5 shot her second buck of her long career as a whitetail hunter. Last yer she killed a 4 point and a Doe. Well 2013 youth season was a great one for this awesome young lady. She shot this big 6 point with a Crossbow at a distance of 20-25 yards. The buck was quartering  towards her.
Resulting in a single lung,Liver,Stomach
Her dad and mentor Nick waited about 1 hour before starting to look for Clare's Big "6". After tracking him with a sparse blood trail about 150 yards he started to search up ahead looking for her deer or blood. After a hour or so he decided to try and locate a tracking dog. Nick called Richardson meat processing to see if they had a tracking dog contact. They gave Nick Rob Millers contact info. Nick called around 12:30 PM and asked if I would come try and find Clare's buck. I was able to get to Nick property whith in the hour and we started Sypris at the shot site and she quickly locked on and off we go. The buck ran just short of .20 of a mile. Sypris did find two spots of blood after the last spot Nick had found. It took her 12 min to find Clare buck!!!

Clare and her dad Nick and the amazing Sypris.
Great Job Clare

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