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Monday, October 7, 2013

eremy Voelker hunting in Livingston County.​​​​​

was bow hunting in my tree stand October 5, 2013 in the a.m.and a very nice size doe walked in, I took a shot 23 yards outand my tree stand 20 feet up from the ground level at 9:20am with my Mathews M7 with the 420 grain arrow tipped with a grim reaper three blade. The shot must have gone a little forward and lower then I normal shoot this was not what we did want to see. I tracked the deer after waiting for over an hour and half and tracked the deer’s travels for approximately 900 yards from the initial shot. I was faced with no more sign of blood and just toomany directions the deer may have gone, the deer was bleeding but not with a lung or any promising signs of vitals hit that we like to see. I was just frustrated and did not want to lose this deer if it was only within another 500 yards away it would beworthwhile to have a professional deer tracker come in. I decided to call Rob miller to have him bring his dog Sypris a dachshund and track this deer. Rob showed up very promptlywith his son Aiden and they were very easy to work with, Rob is a wealth of information on tracking deer so it was interesting and fun just to see this all play out with the dog getting the scent and Sypris was off to track this deer down. The walk became just shy of a total of 1 mile and it was becoming apparent that the deer was still alive but not going to stop any time soon, I would have never been able to locate this animal as far as RobMiller and his tracking dog Sypris had gone. This was a learningexperience and also just good fun to see the way this process alltakes place with the way the dog can follow the animal. The shot placement and what the arrows shows after the shot can pretty much sum things as to how far you need to track to locate yourdeer. I would highly recommend Rob Miller and his dog Sypris to any one that has lost a deer that they cannot located, they will for sure find the deer or you definitely know what the outcome is of were the deer ended up and travel to. Thanks again to Rob and Sypris for their help, from Jeremy Voelker hunting in Livingston County.

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