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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Mt. Morris Michigan. Jeff Sothers Thick Eight.

Jeff Smothers 
"Wanted to give a big thank you to Rob and Cypress for an outstanding job recovering my deer. Was fortunate enough to rattle in this mature 8 point. Shot was a little far back. Waited a couple of hours before my bro Nich and I started the track. Blood was good at the point of impact, but it thined out to nothing after a short 50yards. We looked for a 100 yards or so in a few different directions, but found nothing. Decided to back out and call the dog. Rob showed up around 5 and we all headed out to the shot location. Cypress started doing her thing and she is all business. We had zero blood for the last 200 yards or so, but she didn't need it:). Found my trophy about 300 yards from my stand. Rob and Cypress are class acts. I will always think of that special little dog when I look at this deer. Thanks again guys."

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