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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Swartz Creek Michigan Brandon Carter Big 10

Thanks for the help, below is my testimonial:

On October 23rd 2013 I shot a 10 point in the liver. The deer ran into an open field where I could see it and we tried to follow the trail that I saw the deer running but there was NO blood. That’s when I called Rob.

Rob brought out Sypris and immediately Sypris started following the exact trail the deer ran. After about 35 minutes and ½ mile of tracking Sypris found my 10 point in a pond on our neighbors property. The deer had made a big loop and we found it in the opposite direction of where I last saw the deer running. I can safely say it is unlikely I would have found this deer without the help of Rob and Sypris. Sypris made it look easy!

If you shoot a deer and you think you made a less than perfect shot don’t push the deer. Back out, give it time, and call Michigan Deer Trank’n Hounds!

Thank you to Rob and Sypris for finding one of the biggest bucks I have killed!
1/2mile track and only 5 drops of blood!!!

1 comment:

  1. Just curious what app that is you have displayed. Awesome track job Sypris!!