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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tim Heaman, Chelsea Michigan

My client shot this buck at 7:30 PM. The shot was slightly quarrying too when he pulled the trigger on his Excalibur cross bow. As soon as the bolt left the crossbow the buck spun resulting in a low and a little far back hit!!
Tim watched the buck flee and he notice the right back leg was broken.
He waited till night fall to get out of his ladder stand and quietly look for his bolt. He notice some brown and white hair at the shot sight and instantly found blood!!!! He called his buddy Dave to come help with tracking. They waited 2 hours before picking up the blood trail and for the first 150 yards it was fairly easy tracking.
However the blood trail quickly turned in to blood droplets and then they thought they could hear a deer take off!!! Right then they decided to back out and give Rob Miller a call to discuss the scinero. Rob said to back out and give the buck some more time.  (if dead now it will be dead in the morning) If you want Sypris and I we can be there in the morning after I drop my two oldest kids off at school. Arrangements were made and Rob & Sypris arrived at 8:45 am the following morning. My initial thoughts about the bolt was not good!! It looked like a belly shot and I was hoping the broadhead had cut the fermoral artery in the rear leg. Sypris instantly locked on to the buck interdigital scent and off we went. Sypris made quick work of the first 200 yards and we advanced and started finding pin drops of blood. 250 yards in we found the bucks wound bed. 
Sypris kept tracking and indicating all the blood drops and the bucks hoof print. We find another bed and another and another!! (I'm thinking it can't be long before we find him) well 75 yards or so we kicked him up!!!
We gave him some time and with Rob being a certified tracker Tim is allowed to carry his Excalibur crossbow while tracking. We foundvhim bedded and tim tried putting on a stalk!!  He gets with in 40 yards and up the buck stood and slowly runs off!!! We give him more time however I know this buck needs to be pushed because clearly no vitals are hit. We find him bedded in a tall grass field and tim uses the wind and stalked right up and humanely as possible makes the final shot!!! 
This is a great situation why tracking dogs are needed and hunters need to back out and not pressure a wounded deer. If they would have kept tracking last night we may have never recovered him!!!
Celebrations with high fives and man hugs in the woods!!!
Sypris protecting and enjoying her job well done!!!
Total distance tracked was .68 of a mile.
Track was 13-14 hours old

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