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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Albion Mi.

Randy was hunting from a ground blind when crab claw a 140" 9 point made his way in to the food plot. The shot was 30+ yards and by the bucks reaction he was hit far back. Randy immediately called Rob to discuss his options!! Rob suggested to let the buck lay over night and to give the buck a minimum 12 hours before trying to eye track him. Russel started tracking around noon the following day. They followed the blood trail about 500 yards and found two beds with blood in them. They hit a dead in in the track and decided Sypris help was needed. It was extremely windy that night and thankfully we were tracking in to the wind. Sypris tracked with a 20 yard wide zig zag formation (odd style for her) however she kept indicating blood and wound beds. Randy son inlaw was with me while tracking and he says we didn't follow blood that way!! The blood trail is over here!!  Well I always follow my dog and Supris kept finding blood and wound beds after wound beds. .40 of a mile we found Randy buck still warm and rig was setting in. The track was 25 hours old. I think the other blood trail was crab clay and he was out rutting all night.  Always trust your dog!!!!

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