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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Bellville Michigan

This track did not goes as planned. My client shot a 8 point buck around 11 am. He followed the spare blood trail nearly 400 yards. He spent the rest of the day grid searching the woods with no luck. He decided to bring in a tracking dog. Sypris made quick work of the 400 yards previously tracked by our client. One circle a last know where abouts and Sypris was indicating pin drops of blood to me. She was tracking with ease and I kept seeing blood and more blood and more blood. I kept shinning my 300 lumen cyclop light up ahead expecting to a 8 point laying their any second. Well 1.25 miles later she found the gut shot coyote that crawled up under a dead fall. 
We were extremely surprised to find this coyote and also confused as hell!!!
So we did a complete restart to only have  Sypris retrace the known blood trail to only have her go back to the coyote. I tried everything to get her to find the bucks blood trail to only leave wondering what the heck happened in those woods today's. Hopefully the buck lived so my client can kill him another day. This case is still open for investigation. 

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