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Monday, November 4, 2013

Austin combs Fenton Michigan

Austin was using a crossbow and his bolts were tipped with a 2 blade rage. The shot was nearly straight down at a distance of 7 yards. Austin was sitting in a tree stand about 18 feet high. Austin dad seen the bolt enter near the spin about 12" back from where the shot should have been. Knowing the buck was gut shot the did not track him and called Rob Miller & Sypris to track Austin first buck. Sypris made quick work of recovering the buck .30 of a mile away. Even tho it was a easy track for Sypris it would have been impossible to eye track the blood trail because it was almost non existent. The buck bedded only once before we found him. Unfortunately the coyotes and crows were feasting on him upon finding him near a swamp. This is part of hunting and cycle if life. Austin was super excited and his dad is going to have a shoulder mount done. 

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