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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Howell Mi. Nash,Walker,& Jeff West

The thrill of the hunt!! Difficult to explain without writing  a novel . But can I say that my two boys and I ,Walker 16 , Nash 14 and my self Jeff experienced something very special. Just when you thought the hunt was over it really just began!! There are many facets to hunting  , but Robert and sypris added a new Dimension . My boys are writing a short story about this hunt so I won't say much more , but what I can say is always call Robert & syris whenever you are questioning your tracking .I have been an outdoorsman for over forty years and as my father taught me the integrity of truly respecting nature the service Robert provides wasn't available when I was a young man , but you can bet your bottom dollar that the first thing to go into our backpacks is Robert Millers phone number. Might I add that Robert is a master of his trade, professional and a gentleman  .

Thank you again 

Jeff ,Walker and Nash West
Walker West
Nash West
   Jeff West
Rob Miller & Sypris

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