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Tracker Mike Riepen
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Monday, November 4, 2013

Jason Miners Linden Michigan

Sypris longest recovery on a non pushed deer. We found him dead and he never bedded. 
The shot was about 12 yards from a ground blind. The bolt tipped with a 3 blade cut on contact cut the bottom of the liver and exited out the guts. They had a great blood trail for 50-75 yards then the faussit was turned off. Sypris locked on real quick which is a dead giveaway that the buck was dead. We tracked him 1.46 miles. We would find blood drops to confirm her work. This buck did not follow the rules of a gut shot buck. 
Rule: 1. Gut shot buck will bed down in the first 100-200 yards. (Well his first bed was 1.46 miles away)
Rule : 2. Gut shot buck will go to water. 
(He avoided all water and died in swamp grass - near water)
This was Jason first buck and he was sick to his stomach knowing he made a good shot and he couldn't find it. Truly an amazing work by Sypris. 

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