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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Leonard Michigan

Russel of Michigan Buck pole shot his biggest buck to date. The buck came in to his scrape line and pulled up his crossbow and took the 30 yard shot. What Russel didn't see was a grape vine that deflected his bolt hitting the buck back in the stomach. They waited a few hours before tracking. Russel and his frien Allen trailed him about 250 yards before calling it a night. The Mi. Buck pole have been sharing pictures of Sypris on their FaceBook page and they thought this would be a good time to see her in action. This was no easy track. We were facing a day old track with high winds. Sypris took a faulse line at their last blood (maybe the hunter look up ahead and had the scent on his boots) I quickly realized a different body language so I knew she wasn't tracking Russels buck. I brought her back to last blood and she went in a new direction and maybe 75 yards away she indicated on blood. We were all extremely happy. Sypris methodically worked the track and over the 1.36 mile track only indicated a couple more drops of blood. Sypris found him in a shallow creek. Russell's first words were your dog is amazing!! I would have never found him!!!

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