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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Chris Davis. Oakland Township.

Number #31 recovery for Sypris for the 2013 season. 

The hunter hit high and back angling down in to the liver/gut and maybe 1 lung. A great blood trail for 75-100 yards. Once the arrow feel out the blood STOPPED!! We went another 100 yards before finding a pin drop. Chris Davis actually walked the same exact route however with the snow on the ground and the amazing blood trail he figured the buck didn't go this way!! His searched continued heading west from the last blood (more probable route) still he couldn't find any blood. So at this point he decided to try a tracking dog. He is friends with Chris & Brandy LaFountain and Brandy suggested that he call Sypris & I. Sypris made quick work of the track. The buck went .26 of a mile and we found him in 18 minutes. We found where the buck bedded and probably bumped from Chris searching. Chris waited 1.5 hours before searching he thought his shot was on the money!!!! The buck must have lunged forward as soon as he released the arrow. Chris told me he wouldn't have found his best buck to date with out the help of Sypris. Now his buck is in the freezer and the trophy is taxidermist bound!!! Great buck Chris and thanks for using Michigan Deer Track'n Hounds.    

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