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Monday, September 22, 2014

Byron michigan youth hunt.

Sunday evening the last day of the 2014 Michigan youth hunt. The weather was not very favorable for hunting with high winds down pouring rain. Emily Gettler and her father Matt were sitting in a elevated shadow Hunter box blind. This Monarch Dow came in to their food plot at approximately 6 PM and Emily made a great quartering to 35 yard shot. The doe spun and quickly disappeared into the brush. With a steady rain pouring down Matt her father waited 30 minutes to get down to go look for blood. There was blood and a piece of meat at the point of impact. Matt found blood for about 10' feet beyond the shot site and couldn't find anymore. With the rain pouring down and not wanting to let the doe lay overnight because the meat would spoil they utilize the help of a track'n hound. Sypris found the doe 100+ yards in a matter of a couple min. Congratulations to Emily for harvesting this doe on her dad's birthday
The 20 gauge hornady SST slug did not completely pass through resulting in a sparse blood trail. 

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