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Friday, October 10, 2014

Durand Mi. No blood

Scott Dean testimonial First off I would like to say Rob and Sypris make an amazing tracking duo and I will be highly recommending them to anyone needing assistance recovering a wounded deer. Last night I shot a buck right at dusk. I was 20' off the ground in a tree stand and the buck was 25 yards slightly quartering away. The arrow hit 6" behind the shoulder center height of the body. He jumped and ran twenty yards and stopped. As I sat there waiting for him to fall over dead he slowly walked off out of sight like nothing happened....I waited the last half hour until dark and snuck down to take a look at my arrow. The fletchings and shaft were covered in thin red granular blood. I figured the way the deer reacted after the shot I better give him some time to bed down and bleed out. After an hour and half my father, youngest brother and myself went back to search for a blood trail. After 25 yards the blood stopped...we fanned out 10 yards in front of last blood and searched for blood with no luck. It was then I decided to back out and give Rob at MDTH a call. He was quick to respond and very thorough over the details of shot placement and the deer's reaction. After I told him where I thought my arrow landed he pulled it up on a shot simulator on his phone and we narrowed it down to being a liver maybe single lung hit and we should put Sypris on the trail while the scent was still hot. He arrived at 10pm and we walked to the shot sight. As soon as Rob laid eyes on the arrow
he said the grisly matter on the shaft and veins was definitely liver and we should be able to recover the deer. It took Syrpis a few minutes of circling around in the thicket to become acquainted with the bucks scent but once she locked on it was only a short 100 yards before she found the buck....he had made it 120 yards without a single drop of blood after the first 25 yards. The shot was spot on where I had thought and hit the liver and back side or both lungs. Needless to say the new 3 blade Muzzy Trocar broadheads had not down their job in producing a good blood trail and without the aid of Sypris I may have not recovered the buck. This goes to show that even if you lose blood a tracking dog can still recover a mortally wounded deer. So don't give up and when in doubt back out and give the guys at MDTH a call and hopefully they can help you the same way the helped me.

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