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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Jake Bonnelo Bellevue Michigan.

It was saturday October 26th at about 6:29 when it finally happened. Rutting activity finally worked to my advantage and I had a 2.5 year old 8 point working does come directly below my tree. I grunted to get him to stop and when he did stop I had a tree about 3 inches in diameter right over his shoulder and if I waited to see if he stepped forward he would have been out of my shooting lane and off after the doe again. So I aimed my arrow as close as possible to the tree and let her fly. She hit its mark, the buck did its classic sign of a good hit mule kick and took off. Thought all was done and the buck would be done in short order. So I called my dad told him to head over to help with the hard part. Well as my dad got out of his tree he jumped a deer and was afraid it was mine. When he met me he informed me of this and I assured him it couldn't have been due to what I thought was a well placed shot. Well as we got to tracking sure enough it walked right by where my dad jumped that deer and right in that area we lost all signs of blood so we backed out and called Rob. If the deer was jumped and with no blood present we didn't want to push him even farther and with the high density coyote population we couldn't leave the deer overnight. So that's when we made the decision to hire Rob Miller and Sypris to help find my deer before the coyotes do. When they got there Sypris started at the place of the initial shot and sure enough followed it right to our last found spot of blood and right there Sypris threw her nose up in the air and immediately air scented my buck laying 30 yards from where we found last blood. That night after all was set and done sure enough we heard the coyotes howling away at the back of the property and when we went out there the next day the gut pile was completely shredded. Had we not hired Rob and Sypris the coyotes would have found the deer before we did. Honest truth, could we have found the deer ourselves the following day during daylight hours, Probably yes, but after thinking we had jumped it once we had no choice but to back out that night. Us backing out till the next day would have lead to us not finding the deer till after the coyotes did, so I just wanna say thanks to Rob and Sypris for not only finding my buck but finding the meat that is now in our freezers.

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