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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Deer tracking dogs Byron Michigan

Don From Durand shot this perfect 8 point during his evening hunt. This buck was chasing doe so Don had to make a quick shot resulting in hitting this buck back in the intestines. I started Sypris on this track and she did great considering all the distractions this track had to offer. I would guess I saw at least 30 deer through the entire time trying to track dons buck. After about 1/2 mile of tracking I had to switch out dogs because this track was to difficult for sypris. This buck left a very good blood trail for most of the time. After the buck left a over grown field Sypris had no clue where the buck went so I grabbed scout and he also could not figure out where the buck went. I took him across a picked bean field and that is where scout found the buck bedded in a thicket. We jumped him STILL ALIVE and after 2 miles of pushing and jumping the buck the hunter was able to go get his bow and finish the hunt.

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