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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Mike Oshinsky was hunting in Macomb Co. when this awesome 8 came in to his bait station. Mike knew instantly it was a shooter buck!!! He steaded his crossbow and placed the crosshairs right behind the buck shoulder!! The buck quickly took off in a flash. The tall weeds made it extremely difficult to see the buck exit route and to judge how hard the buck was hit. Mike got down just before dark to check for sign and look for his bolt. The bolt didn't look good!! Very little blood with a hint of stink on it. Mike thinking how in the heck did I gut shoot him! 20 yards broadside. Mike loos for blood and hair and to his surprise no blood or hair to be found. Mike starts walking in the general direction looking for blood or a running hoof print. Nothing!!! Mike spots 3 doe feeding up ahead, he is shocked that a spooked buck didn't alert these few doe.  No blood,no hair,stinky arrow he knew he had to come up with a game plan if he wanted to recovery this great 8!! Mike got online and came across the Michigan deer track'n hounds web site and quickly called Tracker Rob Miller. Rob suggested to wait until morining before taking up the track. Rob met Mike at a speedway gas station and the two drive to Mike location.  The property was extremely thick with weeds,brushy trees,wild raspberry patches. Sypris instantly took the track and after 100 yards she indicated blood on some weeds. The track was .26 of a mile with only 10-12 visible drops of blood. We found one wound bed and the next bed we found Mike great 8. This buck died in some nasty pickers. Mike made it very clear with out Sypris his buck would have never been recovered.
Mike Oshinsky is a Air Force veteran and we thank you for your services. Thanks for allowing Rob & Sypris to be apart of your hunt.

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