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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Manchester Mi.

George was covered with deer this morning. This dark body 2.5 year old offered a quartering away shot at 25 yards. 

The shot was right on!! Hitting the bucks 4th to last rib bone angling forward exiting out just behind the offside shoulder. Blood spray at the shot site and a completely blood soaked arrow!! George was happy with his shot and two hours later he starting eye tracking. Making 200 yards with decent blood then all of the sudden the blood trail vanished. He circled the area looking for blood or his 175#'s of fast food. Nothing!!! Right then he made the phone call to Rob Miller for some insight and maybe help. Arrangements were made and 1.5 hrs later Sypris was put on blood at the shot site. We found steady blood for 200 yards then the buck made a large circle before heading down hill in to a thick bottom. Just as we started down the hill the blood trail picked up. Another 240 yards and heading up hill we found George's buck. 
Sypris made quick work and her accuracy was spot on!!! 
Single lung,liver,nicked the stomach. 

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