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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Commemorative Bucks of Michigan member Mel Drummond of Morrice Michigan was hunting the evening of Friday October 21 and he had the opportunity to harvest this southern Michigan 8 point. He knew his shot was high and a little back so he waited awhile Friday night before taking up the track. The buck started bleeding about fifty yards into the track. The blood trail was very easy to track the first 250 yards. I could instantly tell that Mel made a "LIVER" shot due to the color of blood and the grit that was on his arrow. After last blood the deer followed the edge of the swamp and the base of a ridge. There was about 50-60 yards 0f no blood and the buck turned in to the swamp and I found a smear mark of blood on the side of a limb. Through out the swamp I found a fair amount of blood and i knew it would be very soon and Sypris would be finding her reward. The buck exited the swamp and started up the ridge and just before the top of the ridge sypris found the buck tucked up under neath a log. This track was about 14 hours old.

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