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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Michigan deer Track'n hounds (Linden Mi.)

My client center punched this buck with a ML. He ran 1/2 mile before bedding. They tracked him the night of to find him still alive near the Shiawasee River. They backed out and came back in the morning. No buck in its bed and no more blood to follow. The searched over 1000 yards down and up stream. No luck. They called me to track and told me the woods was flooded and the buck may have crossed the 4" deep river and its 20 yards wide. Sypris tracked the buck 15 yards downstream and indicated the buck crossed. So we crossed. She searched for 20 min trying to connect the scent trail. No luck. So I brought her back to the other side and she worked the area and again she indicated the buck crossed. Right where she wanted to cross was a log jam spanning the entire width of the river. My client told me prior to my arrival they searched the log jam. It's now 30 hours after my client shot his deer and its 10pm at night. So I took my 300 lumen flashlight and I could see the buck lodged under the log jam under water. Sypris knew the buck was in the river or at least tried crossing the river. We were very lucky to recovery this buck under these conditions. If it was not for my tracking hound insisting on trying to cross at this particular spot we would have never found him.

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